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Title: Burn to Shine
Author: slodwick
Written for: Allie (itsaslashything)
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark Kent/Allie/Lex Luthor (threesome-ish)

Burn to Shine

Heat rolled over her, sunshine so bright and fierce, and it warmed her skin until she felt like was made of something stronger, built of liquid fire. The nearby waves rushed and receded, their endless music in tune with her heartbeat, and all the world was made up of warmth and rhythm and the almost-darkness behind her eyes, crowded with the smoldering colors of heat. Allie felt golden and indestructible, still like the calm before a powerful storm. She wondered if that’s what Clark felt all the time.

Time seemed to stretch, her breathing slowed. The week had gone by too quickly, this was their last day, and she wanted to enjoy it to the very last second. Lex had promised something memorable. Soon enough, she’d be back to her family, back to the daily life of housework and trips to the market and kids that required her attention, but for now, her world was nothing but this secluded stretch of sand, the endless ocean and two incredible companions.

With her eyes still closed, she rolled over. His skin had never felt anything but human, and even now, it was like hers, hot and smooth. She cracked her eyes open, blinking against the brilliance of the sunlight. His eyes were closed, too, but he was smiling, that soft, relaxed smile he reserved for only two people. Her fingers traced a secret language across his stomach, memorizing the landscape of his muscles and the surprisingly pale dusting of hair below his navel.

Below the noise of the waves, she heard (and felt) his rumble of pleasure. He might’ve been from another planet, but he was as predictable as any man she’d ever known. Allie smiled, pressing her face into his shoulder, inhaling the sharp male scent of his skin. Clark moved to hold her, one hand resting gently behind her neck, fingers slipping into her hair, lips pressed to her forehead.

“I should have known better than to leave the two of you alone for too long.”

She could hear the grin in Lex’s voice; she knew without looking that he’d been standing there after carefully setting what he carried on the blanket nearby, his eyes locked on their bodies, and especially Clark’s. Allie couldn’t blame him. She slid her hand low across Clark’s body slowly, scratching with her fingernails, just the way he liked it. His hips rose into the air, his whole body moving to follow her hand, and he groaned when she finally broke contact and rolled onto her other side.

“You were gone a long time, Lex. Besides, he’s irresistible, and you know it.”

The blanket was cooler in the shadow of the umbrella, and it raised goosebumps on her skin. Lex looked far too collected, far too elegant in his low, mesh beach chair. He’d ditched the jacket and shoes sometime after brunch, but the linen slacks and light blue shirt remained. He’d unbuttoned the shirt, so it hung open, exposing his smooth chest and flat stomach, and the sleeves were rolled up on his arms. His skin was still pale - he’d stayed out of the sun most of the time - but there still was a hint of color all over, leaving him looking sunkissed and ripe. It was amazing to her, after seeing him in numerous stages of undress all week, how he could seem more naked than she while still wearing clothes.

“I do, in fact.”

The smell of whatever gourmet food he’d arranged for wafted enticingly from the basket near his feet. Allie wasn’t surprised when she felt Clark move behind her, curling a golden arm around her waist, and propping a long leg on her hip. She made a small, happy noise, pressing back into his embrace, until he spoke. “Finally… I’m starved. What are we having?”

Yes, she thought, smiling. Clark was almost the typical man. Thankfully, Lex was not.

”I am feeling peckish, Clark. I think maybe we should all work up an appetite, don’t you?” Lex smiled then, and stood, his bare feet sinking into the sand as he removed his shirt. He knelt and made a move to lay on the blanket beside them, but Allie held up her hand.

“Ahem.” Allie raised an expectant eyebrow at Lex, tilting her head towards the basket. “I think you’re forgetting something, Lex.”

Lex stopped, leaning back on his heels. His pants pulled tight across his lap, revealing the reason for his forgetfulness, the smile on his face equally as hard. “Mmm, yes. Right you are.”

Clark leaned up on one elbow, his smile bright enough to rival the sunlight. “What are you two up to now?”

Allie giggled, rolling backward into Clark, until he was flat on his back, and she then maneuvered herself until she was straddling him. Clark smile faded some as she grinded down on him. His hands grasped at her thighs, squeezing with a barely restrained excitement. Lex reached into the basket he’d brought, pulling out something black, which he passed over to her.

A cloud, fluffy and white and long, like a breaker in the sky, passed over the sun, casting their private cove into shadow. Clark blinked, staring hard at the object in her hands for several moments before it sank in. “A blindfold?”

“Lead-lined. Relax, Clark,” she purred, leaning forward. “You’re going to love it.” As she slipped the blindfold over his eyes, she cast a devious look over her shoulder at Lex. Almost as if he could read her mind, he was already reaching into the basket again.

The Kryptonite inlaid in the knife was already glowing when he moved to kneel beside them, and there was no one to hear Clark but the two of them.
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