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slashtheslasher's Journal

Slash the Slashers 2: Insert Pithy Phrase Here
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This is the community for Slash the Slashers 3. STS3 is a fic exchange in which slash writers slash each other (wherein slash doesn't have to mean gay sex but was just a clever name that stuck). It's a super happy fun time where everyone writes a story about another fan. Non-slashers are welcome. Het-friendly community here! Genners also welcome! Hell, the first year we had a furry!

Here's how it works: You'll sign up. You'll fill out a questionnaire and mail it to: acciocomments@gmail.com You will all be sorted into fandoms. You will write a story about the person you're assigned. You will have at least one fandom in common with the person you are matched up with. You will have up to six weeks from the date we hand out assignments to write your story.

You don't have to write porn. You can write porn. All that matters is that you include the fan you're assigned. You can include many other fans as well. You can include fictional people you make up or fictional people someone else made up. You can include real people. You can make it into a vampire AU or a space opera or make it curtain fic. There are no rules about the content of your story.

Basically, we're here to prove that when a fan fic hater says "what if someone wrote stories about YOU?" we can say "we'd love it!"

The rules are simple and few: Write anything you want any way you want. 1000 word minimum. Post your story to the com with the standard header and a cut tag when you finish it. You can post any time before the deadline. Read the story written for you. Have lots of fun.