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Round Three

Let's do this again!

Sign ups work the same as always, you fill out the questionnaire below and email it to acciocomments at gmail dot com. Sign ups will last two weeks from today. (Feb. 9) On that day (or before) you will receive your assigned fanperson. You'll write a story about them. Your stories will be due by March 22.

Hi, nice to meet you, what's your lj name? What is your real name (if you want to say)? Do you prefer your real name not be used in your story?

What fandom(s) are you in/what obsessions are you currently in the thrall of? (You can list as many as you want.)

Describe yourself physically (like do you have two heads? are you male? because we assume you aren't, baseline being female) . Or make up what you'd like to be described as in your story (I mean, wanna be a unicorn?)

Describe your personality (do you kill entire villages for fun? Or are you a perfect pretty princess? Do you only eat pastrami?)

Do you have any particular quirks that would impact a story about you (for example, are you Kryptonian or in a band?)?

What characters would you like to see in your story? (this and the follow up questions are not promised, but are guidelines for your writer to tailor your story to your particular needs)

What characters would you like to kill in your story? What characters should not be hurt/maimed/degraded in your story?

What characters would you particularly like to interact w/ (sex up) in your story?

What AUs/Xovers do you routinely daydream about participating in that your writer could make come true?

Is there something not covered here that you would like to share with the class?

The rules, what they are (not much), are on the userinfo. If you have further questions, drop a comment!

Pimp, and encourage your friends to join! The stories are always hilarious.
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